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How Does This Work?

PMUHub Find is a platform that connects beauty artists with clients looking to book beauty services.

By listing your salon on PMUHub Find, your business will become visible to specific audiences in your area that are searching for beauty treatments you offer.

You will get the exposure and recognition you deserve, plus become a member of a unique PMU community. Don’t let your business fall under the radar – claim your business profile today!

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Professional Advice From Top-Tier Marketers

As part of the Premium Plan, your listing will be reviewed and tracked by a marketing expert. We’ll give you advice on how to improve and optimize your listing to make it attract more potential clients.

Special Privileges for
PMUHub Contributors

Unlock extra benefits that will promote your business and help you stay on top of your game by contributing to PMUHub and making it better. In return, your listing will get special perks money can’t buy.

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Through Our Content

Hundreds of thousands of people interested in beauty treatments read our content. Get listed for a chance to have your work featured in our guides and blog posts, where readers can fall in love with it & reach you in 2 clicks.

Become a Part of the PMUniverse

PMUHub offers unique platforms that will help you start and grow your business! Learn all about permanent makeup treatments, list your salon and reach more clients, or shop premium permanent makeup products. 

Get a Personalized Marketing Strategy

If you’re looking for a more personalized approach to increasing your visibility and growing your business, our team of experienced marketers specializing in the PMU industry is here to help.

By choosing our expert services, you will be able to truly focus on your work without worrying about promoting your business. You sharpen your skill – we’ll get you leads.

From Google Ads and Social Media Advertising to creating a customized Landing Page, you’ll get professional marketing advice, increase your number of clients, and unlock your full business potential in no time!

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